Friday, September 10, 2010


The International Secretariat would like to improve on previous IGEs and would appreciate feedback from NAAs as important stakeholders - in response to the questions below - by 23rd September 2010.

Thank you for contributions to Steph Ball at " "

1. What are your expectations in the lead up to the IGE?

2. Do you have any feedback or recommendations for the context and framework of the IGE?

3. What do you believe the purpose of the IGE is and the tangible outcomes that could result from such an event?

4. Do you have any recommendations for themes, and the workshops to come from these?

5. Do you have any feedback or recommendations for the Youth Forum which takes place during the IGE, including “what next” after the Youth Forum?

6. What are your expectations of the host country?

7. Do you have any recommendations on the selection process of delegates for the IGE?

8. Do you have any recommendations on how to improve the understanding of the Youth rep role? And the election process?

9. What do you expect after the event has taken place? E.g. activities/delegate/Youth Rep involvement

10. Any other comments?

For more inputs contact the National Office "

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