Monday, March 21, 2011

Drop out challenge at schools

MUMBAI: From 2008 t0 2010, enrolment in primary classes schools across India has dropped by over 2.6 million, with Uttar Pradesh recording the biggest setback.

Experts are at a loss to accurately explain the drop in enrolment in northern states, where birth rates have essentially remained the same. In some southern states, where population planners had predicted a slowdown in birth rate, primary school enrolments have unsurprisingly declined. In Delhi, Tamil Nadu and in the northeast of the country, the figures have begun to plateau. In Bihar, Rajasthan, Assam, the struggle stems from ground-level problems like data keeping, children moving out, introduction of new schools and rationalization of data, said Madhav Chavan, the founder of educational non-profit group Pratham.

Reported in TOI Mumbai

Maybe The Award Programme can add fun in learning and equip for life, this will surely help control the drop out challenge.

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