Wednesday, May 18, 2011

National Director at the 1st Meeting of the partners of Australian Sport Outreach Programme (ASOP) at Pune .

IAYP India is exploring the possibility of a partnership with the Australian Sports Commission supported ASOP Programme, to focus on sports development.

Under the ASOP-IAYP partnership, sports coach trainers, mentors, peer leaders and volunteer community sports coaches from marginalised communities, who work with the 5 existing ASOP India partner agencies, will be facilitated to undertake the Award programme, in order to incentivise and reward their spirit of volunteerism. They will undergo character and skill building experiences they would never normally encounter, leading to enhanced individual motivation. They will grow as individuals, become better coaches and eventually qualify as IAYP trainers authorised to deliver and certify the Award program amongst the youth communities they work with, through Open Award Centres (OAC) and Youth Engaging Society (YES) Centres.

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