Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Award Participants in GD Goenka,"The Earth Sense" Project-Laburnum and Nirvana 2011

Taking IAYP to the community
Most electronic waste has toxins, and when disposed with household waste, contaminates the soil and water, degrades the environment and is harmful to people handling it without proper knowledge and protection.

Do you have e-waste at your home occupying your valuable space?? Then don't throw it elsewhere but safely recycle/dispose with Eco-Friendly Earth Sense. Ananya Vidyarthi, Surya Pahal and Srivattsan initiated parallel e-waste collection drives in their own townships (Laburnum and Nirvana) for the NGO “Earth Sense” that collects, sorts, recycles and disposes electronic waste in an environmentally safe manner. Rajit, Sakshi and Vardhini joined them to rock the cause on the 15th August celebration in their locality, Nirvana Country. Six big boxes of e-waste were collected in the first three drives and now these drives will be a regular feature both in the two localities and the school.

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