Saturday, August 6, 2011

YES Centre Manager- Manish Chandel of Purkal Youth Development Society (PYDS) shares the impact of the Award Programme in PYDS Community

"As I was walking around our school on last Saturday. I saw different groups of students busy in various activities. As I passed our staffroom, I was able to smell some cookies being baked. I peeped inside and saw a group of 6 students, along with their mentor busy with newly bought Micro-wave oven, trying to bake some thing. Excitement on their faces was proving that they are going to gain a success. Actually it was the baking class for our IAYP students who opted cooking as a skill for their program. Another group of students was ready to move to nearby village ‘Jaspur’ carrying sacks in their hands with a mission to clean this village and its surroundings. They are also trying to make it completely plastic free in next 4 months. On every Sunday IAYP group can also be seen on our school’s playground trying to enhance their skills in various sports, under the guidance of our sports teacher.

All these students undergoing IAYP program are full of enthusiasm and passion to prove them. Their confidence has boomed after returning from Nehru Institute of Mountaineering (NIM), made possible by the Award Programme Foundation Trustees' Support. Really now our center is looking ‘YES Centre’ (Youth Engaging Society Centre). Earlier students were in doubt, that how it would be possible for them to undergo expeditions or adventures as you already know that for our students even going to Dehradun is a big task, because of their limited resources .Even though they are getting wonderful opportunities and exposure because of our friends Like IAYP and many others who provides them a chance to challenge the mainstreams.

 Very soon number of IAYP students from our centre will be double. Also I would like to thank Swamy sir who has taken a keen interest in this program and has given us full liberty to ensure the success of this program. His valuable ideas are always there to guide us and also he is arranging professionals to guide our students in enhancing their various skills like photography, baking etc.

Even our teachers who are linked with this program have got chance to develop in various aspects of life and more important becoming a part of such youthful program is making us all feel like a teenager.

- Manish Chandel, PYDS YES Manager
Photo: PYDS Archives 

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