Wednesday, September 21, 2011

IGE Delegate Devanjali shares brief notes

After that long journey we finally there and heard welcoming voices KARIBU! (welcome). We reached the KCB youth centre it was an overwhelming moment to see attendees to see a total of 92 attendees from 52 different Nationalities, all eager to interact and introduce themselves. Divided in 8 different groups names after the animals found in Africa we left for Savage Camp, Sagana next morning all set to undertake the adventure challenge. Over the next three days we managed to successfully complete all our activities that included Hiking, Mountain Biking, Rafting as well as Rock Climbing. Fighting bad weather made the activities even more exciting and enjoyable.
From Sagana we proceeded to The Great Rift Valley Lodge, Naivasha, where we were welcomed by young volunteers who played and danced to the African tunes. Next day was the official launch of the event  which was attended by the President of Kenya. Getting down to work we now went into the workshop phase.There were be six workshops run over two days, the 7th and 8th September. As an attendee, we got to attend four out of the six workshops.The six workshops were as follows:
o    Reaching decisions (governance)
o    Reaching policy (youth policy)
o    Reaching support (fundraising)
o    Reaching the world (communications)
o    Reaching your goals (research)
o    Reaching youth (training)

The next two days were for service projects, we targeted four locations. I visited the Masai Girls hostel where we fenced an area, put up poles for volley ball and also worked on an area for a water tank. Each attendee planted a tree . ( each one reach one)

After focusing on all the sections of the Award we went into the Youth Forum, it was now time for us attendees to  take charge, we worked in groups on six different topics all day and the next day ran four consecutive sessions. All the workshops were attended by HRH, The trustees , members of the governing Council as well as the staff members.

The event was closed by HRH at a Gala evening at The Great Rift Valley Lodge itself. It was Great to know that the IGE2011 was the third largest event seen by the African Continent.

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