Wednesday, February 15, 2012

One Award Alliance

The project is evolving rapidly from theory into practice; the thrust of the strategy has become more definitive and more streamlined; the tools are on trial; all will be presented at Forum 2012 in Malta.

The ‘One Award Alliance’ is our strategy for improving and growing the International Award. It will improve the profile and perception of the charity by making it clearer and more consistent; it will improve the charity’s capacity to grow by making the way we run it fit for the foreseeable future; it will also improve the charity’s ability to manage the quality of experience for participants in International Award programmes.

The Intended Outcome is to offer present and future members of the International Award Association a significantly better sense of identity, purpose and capability which will engage with and embrace the International Award family in a more relevant and meaningful way.

The Objectives of the project are to help the IAA realise its ambition to make the International Award the leading youth achievement award, principally by adopting an appropriate business model to help apply rigour and discipline in the way we:
  • own, manage, protect, develop and value our business format; build capacity to deliver and grow
  • define the charity’s brand platform and position; enhance the look, feel and visual identity; achieve clarity, consistency and leadership throughout all our communications, especially digital media
  • ensure our quality assurance by measuring the success of our vision through our performance, impact and outcomes
The Key Deliverables have evolved from ideas into practical tools which, with the approval of the International Council, are being further developed through a limited number of trials. The tools and their objectives are:
  • Licensing and Standards Framework – revised to better promote, provide and preserve our brand; give clarity to all operators and authorities about roles and responsibilities; enable NAAs to increase the number and variety of operational licence holders and delivery partners; generate funds through appreciation of the value of the brand and managing it
  • Visual Identity – redesigned to re-capture value in our brand; unify our image, create clarity and consistency; transfer greater value to Award achievers
  • Online Award Management System – developed to deliver real-time performance measurement and management information; enable capacity to grow and deliver; enhance quality experience and assurance
  • Research Template – created to enable consistent research across the IAA; to measure outcomes (life skills Award holders might attain by participating) against essence and vision; to measure impact (wider effect of Award on society) in nine areas; to demonstrate our effectiveness more meaningfully with supporters and partners
  • Training Modules – new training materials to reflect and support the OAA objectives and tools; new methods including online tools to give volunteers more confidence to get started and to progress
The overall benefit of the ‘One Award Alliance’ is to help present and future operators and authorities to reach out to and cope with more participants, to give them a quality experience and to enable more to achieve an Award which will have international credibility and recognition.

The implications of the ‘One Award Alliance’ are that while the Award Programme stays unchanged the ways in which it is presented, managed and measured will change. This is evolution rather than revolution, with the tools and objectives outlined above being welcome and necessary to take the charity into the 21st century and fit for the foreseeable future.

For further information about the project please contact Stephen De-Wint by e-mail or via Skype, Id: stephen.dewint or telephone +44 20 7222 4242.

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