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International Spiti Gold Solar Project 2013

After two successful years, The Gold Award Holders Society (GAHS) is happy to announce the Spiti Gold Solar Project 2013. We only accept limited numbers, and are happy to assist young people from all over the world. Gold Award Holders are most welcome and work with the Indian alumni; Gold participants will be able to complete the Residential Project and the Adventurous Journey.

Look forward to building the event of major significance and have the international community work with us for our YES (Youth Engaging Society) Projects. The office of GAHS India is  at New Delhi and the President of GAHS is the spirit behind Ecosphere (the partners for the Spiti Gold Solar Project 2013).

Welcome to write to us on for any further information.

The Indian Himalaya in Himachal Pradesh.
June 2013
Duration: 18 days
Route: Delhi - Manali – Spiti – Manali – Delhi
Maximum Altitude: 5000 mts.
Key features:  Volunteering on projects mitigating the impacts of climate change, Homestays, weekend excursions

During this journey you will be assisting the local community in construction of a solar bath. The volunteers will participate in the actual construction of the solar bath and the set up of a solar water geyser (Evacuated Tube Condenser) and will be assisted by a dedicated team of a qualified mason and representative from Ecosphere. The activity will entail physical work. The construction period will be 7 to 8 days. The trip is intermixed with work and pleasure. During this trip you will also be visiting some of the highest villages in the world, going on a high-altitude trek, visiting some ancient monasteries dating back to over a 1000 years and take a yak safari and mountain bike if interested. Traditional homestays further enrich the experience by giving one an authentic understanding of the life and culture in a Spitian home.

Significance of this Tour
The construction of a solar bath is of great significance in this region as great amounts of fuelwood, coal and wood is burnt for heating water which contributes to CO2 and black carbon emissions. The latter having far more damaging affects on the melting of glaciers and snow on a local level. Through the set up of a solar bath which includes both a passive solar structure as well as a solar water heating system, we enable the people to cut down on emissions (especially reducing black carbon) as well as enable them to have better hygiene through regular availability of hot water. 

Costs and more...
This is conducted in association with Ecosphere and EBD Educational Pvt Ltd, the cost for Indian Nationals is Rs. 36.000.00 thousand (from Delhi to Delhi). Foreign Nationals pay $ 750.00 (form Delhi to Delhi)

Costs including taxes for a group of 15 persons
-  All accommodation starting Day 2 to Day 15
-  Meals starting Day 4 dinner to Day 14 dinner
-  All bus/ jeep transfers Day 1 (with bus to Manali) to Day 15 (bus to Delhi)
-  Project support
-  Support staff on days required
Mineral water and beverages (other than those provided), Monastery Fees, Tips, Insurance  and expenses arising out of unforeseen circumstances 

Please Note:-
a) This is a carbon neutral trip. It is Ecosphere’s endeavour to generate minimum emissions on this journey and whatever emissions that we do generate are calculated and offset through investments in our in-house renewable energy projects within the region. These include construction of passive solar houses, green houses and investing in other sustainable renewable energy alternatives such as solar water heating systems, solar cookers, solar lighting, etc. 
b) A different kind of holiday - Ecosphere is a social enterprise and your travel with Ecosphere will contribute to the development and conservation of the region. Insights into the local development and conservation issues and a peep into Ecosphere’s initiatives 

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