Friday, August 10, 2012

Nivedita hope you do well always!


The National Award Authority along with Award family express our wholehearted thanks to Ms. Nivedita Samanta for all the great work she has done in the last few years. Nivedita had consistently shown herself as a hard working integral part of the team, and a good friend. With her ability to communicate being a Communications Manager, she helped in the overall execution of the Award's public relations, communications, and development strategy. She was immersed in a media relations and a dynamic internal communication environment. We appreciate the amount of efforts that Nivedita put into the job during her tenure since 2010. Nivedita, as an Award Volunteer, will continue her support to the Communications team, as she was doing earlier and can be reached at We wish all the best for Nivedita's new career and hope that she will achieve greater heights in her life.

---- From Award Weekly of 8th August 2012

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