Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hopetown Girls' School having fun!

I am in class 8 right now and I was not sure before this workshop whether to join IAYP or not but YES has actually convinced me a lot and I would love to prove that “I am a Young Person.” I will surely reach till the best levels I could. Thanks a lot and seriously had FUN.
-Navya Kalra

It was really refreshing and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of this. Sandeep Sir & Devyani Ma’am were really good. We laughed, played games, made projects, showed presentations, and ate toffees. This was a really good ecperience.
-Muskan Periwal

Fair enough I never considered myself to be the right person to make decisions in my life. But after this session I was extremely thrilled and realized it is me who has the right to carry on with my life as I want to. So hats off!! I hope we have such sessions again in near future.
-Radhika Agarwal

Thank you Devyani our very special Gold Award Holder and one of our key volunteers who helped establish GAHS India. This workshop could  not have been possible without the great effort of Devyani!

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