Friday, February 7, 2014

Thanks Satya Nadella (now CEO Microsoft)

Thanks Satya Nadella (now CEO Microsoft) for proving that even those who don’t get into IITs and those who pay capitation to get their degree… can also shine ahead of the rest…

He “possibly” did not get into IITs; He “probably” paid capitation to get into Manipal BUT He most definitely has gone right to the top… I celebrate Satya Nadella’s success not just because he is an Indian (or Indian origin) but one who has set to rest several stereotypes from the Indian education system.

One such is highlighted by a firstpost article where it states
Our system is designed to keep people out, not get them in. The true value of an IIT or IIM is not the intellectual capital they produce, but their filtering expertise – which keeps all but the superlisters out of these institutions. When the people entering the institution are the best among the best, they will shine no matter what the quality of faculty or the curriculum.

Nadella did not get into the IITs “possibly” but still made it.

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