Monday, March 28, 2016

My Vision - Equal Opportunities for Boys and Girls

Payal Sharma
My vision is to become a good teacher and to build a platform where males and females are professionally given equal opportunities to grow.
As a teacher I want to become a friend, a guide and a helper for my students. I want to become a part of their lives in such a way that they don’t hesitate to share anything with me. My vision is to understand the cause behind student’s disinterest in the classroom.
I want to be a good teacher because I love to be with kids. This profession helps me to be a learner every day. Whenever I talk to my students I forget everything that is happening in my life and I become a part of them.
No other profession gives me as much satisfaction as teaching. The teacher training program happening in my school is helping me to deliver my subjects in the most effective and creative ways in the classroom. But I have to keep improving and learning.
Professional Equality for Males and Females
I want to build a platform where males and females are professionally given equal opportunities to grow. I think this way because of my life circumstances; I wasn’t able to work and research as biotechnologist just because I’m a woman and I received no support that my profession requires. I think many women must be facing it every day. Even today when we live in an educated society, such things happen with women!
To make a difference I have started with my own home with my three years old daughter. I don’t want her to feel later in life that she’s in anyway less because she’s a girl. I don’t want her to think, “Why am I a girl?”
In my neighbourhood, a family is sending their son to an expensive school but their daughter to a less expensive school. I have talked twice with the family and even visited their home to help them understand that girls should get equal opportunities. They said they’ll admit her to a better school later. But I know this will not happen. I dream that one day I’ll join a NGO and work for equal opportunities for boys and girls.
My giving extra time to school to attend training workshops was not liked by few people in my family. However the more I attend these workshops, the more I’m able to understand them.  Now I understand why they behave the way they behave. These workshops are helping me to understand not even children but even adults around me.
At DBN Amarvilla, there are days when resource persons, trainers get to converse with teachers on their vision and dreams. Our series titled ‘My Vision, My Dream’ is all about the aspirations of our teachers ever ready to embark on a journey of learning, exploration and self-discovery.
Post by: Payal Sharma, DBN Amarvilla School, Jammu, Email 

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