Saturday, March 26, 2016

My Vision, My Dream – By Girja Koul

Children have the ability to take ownership of their learning and develop and explore their curiosity.”
My vision as a person is to contribute towards the society for positive things, positive change. As a person, I want to experience a change in the society through education, culture and values. My vision is that we must understand the child’s potentialities, his abilities, his aptitude and many other things. My vision is that I wish to dedicate my life towards this work for society, particularly through education.
My experience of my life’s vision has been amazing for the last few years. I have been focussing on my goals. Changes are happening in my school DBN, and it’s amazing to learn new things about my profession and find new clarity to achieve my goals. It’s an incredible period of my life.
As a teacher, over the years, I have practiced every day to learn one new word, one new thought from my students. This practice has changed my life’s vision for good! I started to practice this because of a student in my class – every day this child used to come to me with a new question, new thought or idea. He would ask me, “Aisa Kyon Hota Hai? (Why does this happen this way?)” That child’s habit became my habit! I’m very thankful to my school for giving me the opportunity for this learning.
It’s important for me to achieve my vision because I feel if I don’t make an effort towards it I’ll not grow. How our life process moves on. So to complete my mission, I feel I need to focus on my goal, in my profession as a teacher. I want to be dedicated towards my mission and keep striving towards success. I have gained clarity about my vision, and so I believe I’ll achieve my goal.
I’m a teacher in Jammu – a region with not many sources of quality education and not many opportunities for learning for teachers. We need better educational resources in Jammu because of its unique socio-political context. It’s possible to pass on my vision to my students through the subjects I teach. I believe that my view will help my students to realize their visions and find a purpose for themselves in the world. I want to continue being an honest, dedicated and good learner.

At DBN Amarvilla, there are days when resource persons, trainers get to converse with teachers on their vision and dreams. Our series titled ‘My Vision, My Dream’ is all about the aspirations of our teachers ever ready to embark on a journey of learning, exploration and self-discovery.
Girja Koul is a senior teacher with decades of experience at DBN Amarvilla School in Jammu; you can contact her by email, please.

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