Monday, May 2, 2016

Empathy, an understanding

If God has gifted us with the gifts, we can give to others. We must gift our good fortune to others, means we should help others with all possible strength, after understanding their challenges and needs.
Empathy means understanding or feeling the situation of the person equally to what they feel the pain of others as our pain or the joy of others as our joy we become empathetic,  listening, understanding and helping others pass for empathy.
Nikita Dubey, a student of 7th class, has been studying in this school for last six years is an orphan child living with her grandmother, who has no source of income. She got admitted in 2nd Class and had a sad look, very shy, introvert but quite intelligent. After getting admission in the 2nd Class at our school, she was cared for by the teachers and the school management even provided with all possible necessities. Today, a grown up child is very popular with her classmates. Nikita was cared for by all the teachers and became a meritorious child, all thanks to the care and support of the students of our school. Here is a transformation of a lost child to an intelligent young person, who takes part in all school activities.
Post by Arti Sharma, a teacher at DBN SNS School in Jammu; you can contact her by email, please.

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