Tuesday, May 3, 2016

My story about Empathy!

True story from our classroom.
- Kamini Nanda

Mithun is a student of class XII of our school. He belongs to an unprivileged family and father has a big family to support. In our school we provide help to the students who belong to economically weaker section. We issue books to the students and support their learning, free of cost. Mithun was issued books for all subjects from the school library last year, when he was in class XI. These reference books helped him a lot to do better in studies Accidently few months back his house caught fire.  All the house hold items were burnt including clothes, beddings, books etc. By the end of the session he had to return the issued books. But with a heavy heart he explained his tragic story. The matter was discussed with the worthy Principal Mrs. Indu Puri. She immediately said,” I will replace the books or pay the amount of the books, the penalty should not be imposed on the student”. It means the Principal as well as the teachers realised the position in which Mithun is. Thus, empathy works in real sense, now Mithun is provided books for class XII also from the school library. He is also given help and guidance by other teachers. We feel contented if we are able to understand the situation of others. As a human being we put ourselves in other’s situation and realize the sorrow, pity or joy as our own. That understands the position of concerned person.

Kamini Nanda is an experienced teacher at the DBN Mubarak Mandi School, you may contact her by email kamininanda111@gmail.com

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