Saturday, May 21, 2016

Sensitivity - 3

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Being sensitive means understanding what others people need and being helpful and kind to them. A teacher must be sensitive towards students. A teacher must create faith in students so that they can say their problems to him or her. A sensitive teacher can understand the problem easily and he /she will try to solve the problem with this sensitive feeling the relationship between teachers and student can be strong.

Sensitivity means awareness and understanding of the feelings of others. We can feel the feelings of others by touch, by hug, by care, by petting the back etc.  Best example on sensitivity is Kisi Ne Maa Ke Kandhe Par Sar Rakh Ke Pucha Maa Kab Tak Apne Kandhe Par Sone Degi?? Maa Ne Kaha Jab Tak Log Mujhe Apne Kandhe Par Na Utha Ley...!  (Hindi)  -  Suresh Singh Negi

According to my opinion sensitivity means feel other’s pain, emotion, care, understanding etc. If I take my example I am also a sensitive person daily I used to bring Swati with me from falna, sometimes she comes late but I wait for her because I know if I will not bring her she will be too late to reach to school so I understand her helpless situation that is sensitivity whatever I feel for her.  - Priyanka  

Sensitivity means a feeling, understanding or awareness within a person. It can be for oneself or for others. When one can quickly respond to changes or emotional happenings. A person can be sensitive who easily gets hurt or excited or happy with others. - Vimmy Rajpurohit 

Sensitivity within the Class- When teachers get sensitive with their class, they look into each matter more deeply. Students take their teachers as more supportive, guiding and feel free or easy to share their problems and when a teacher becomes sensitive, him or her try's best to solve the problem of their students. For e.g. when my class is in trouble or punished by other teachers, I feel really bad. And I try to find measures to cheer them up and vice versa. They ask for reasons why I am upset. This shows the sensitive bond between me and my class. - Rajeshwari Rathore

Sensitivity- is related to feelings. It is a quality to understand how someone feels and to be careful not to offend them. A sensitive person can understand feelings and situations and then react according to it. Sensitivity comes in you along with your thinking. The way thoughts are created in your mind, sensitivity flows in you .It is important for a teacher to be sensitive, to understand student better. 

-Gajendra Mewara

The third part of a series of posts from the professional learning community at The Fabindia School, they are pursuing the three-year Professional Development Programme offered by the Learning Forward India Academy. First, it was empathy and now they discover what is sensitivity.

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