Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Joy of Work

The joy of work doesn’t come naturally; it comes when we work on ourselves, getting rid of our despondency we practice positivism, skill and hope. Here are few things I reflected upon the past few weeks:
When we are discouraged and demotivated, we lose our joy – the joy of work. At times, we want to be appreciated and at times, we so much want to be appreciated by certain people that when denied that appreciation we lose hope and our belief in ourselves. We want others to invest in our beliefs before we embark on our journeys.
Maybe its culturally relevant – we do see people wishing each other, offering wishes, gifts, performing rituals before someone dear embarks on a new journey. Those are culturally accepted ways to appreciate, to invest hope and belief in a starting endeavour.
However for winners and innovators, discouragements and demotivation are as important as encouragements and motivation because they teach - self-belief and resilience. Success is not any one-point outcome but the whole process that grows into the outcome.
Belief in Oneself
In tough circumstances, we need to remind ourselves that belief in oneself is the key to any accomplishment. And the desire of appreciation is never the prime motivator of any work – the prime motivator is the first thought that led us to that work. The prime motivator is the will to do that work. Can this ‘will to do something’ be just any selfish motive? I leave that for you to find out.
Often when under scornful contempt, people think the scorner is the culprit. However if we note closely, we’ll observe that by blaming the scorner we are escaping from the situation.
Demotivating factors work by snapping off our ties with our mind. It’s never the case that we have lost our mind or that we can lose our creativity. It’s just that we have stopped to believe; we have stopped to be linked with our mind. We have started to believe in the scorner.
Those who empower, coach and educate are simply those who teach you to believe in yourself and your abilities. They link you to your mind. They link you to your power!
They don’t seek you to follow them. They don’t seek you to please them. They want you to seek yourself. They are the people who build other people.
Venus Upadhyay is a columnist for Brewing Knowledge, her email is venusupadhayaya@gmail.com

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