Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Little Flower School, its motto ‘I Will’ has grown from strength to strength...

Dear Mr Dutt,

It was great to have you visit our school and show us how we can work together to build our “ My Good School”?
First of all, we have to understand the child psychology; each child needs space because each child needs some time to understand the concept.
After attaining pre-primary education from home, the child needs to work for her/his social development, and for this, the parents send their ward to school. A school is a place where child gets good education, a loving atmosphere, interaction with peers, motivation  and gains confidence which reflects the child’s identity
Teachers are just like a mirror for the students, so it is first the duty of teachers alone, to develop these the quality in  himself or herself.
Teachers should concentrate on weak students because they need personal attention, in fact, we should give some responsibilities to them, in this way we can motivate them. Teachers should give a chance each and every child to take part in different types of activities; this will develop confidence in the child. Interaction plays an important role because this builds the power of expression and student speaks with confidence, this will thus help the student to learn to share, to help each other, and most important this will help satisfy the needs of the parents too.
The teacher must not teach as a profession, if the teacher behaves as a mother or father, this helps build a good school. Quality in education consists of happy teachers, a good student-teacher ratio, modern equipment, adequate space and classroom facilities.
Finally, a good school has to build the child into a well–managed person. How he or she can deal with the difficulties with confidence. He or she must be able to differentiate between the right or wrong things.
Our journey to becoming a good school will not be complete until each and every child gets the quality education and improves individual behaviour to be a better social being.
In my view, no journey is complete till we reach the destination, a ‘student–teacher–school’ journey is a never ending, as a teacher it is our duty to think  WHAT NEXT----?
We are very thankful to you for giving us your precious time and sharing your experiences with us.

Thanks a lot,
Vibha Mehrotra,
Little Flower School, Dehradun

Sandeep Dutt was invited by Ms Ratna Manucha of the Little Flower School, to inspire their group of 13 enthusiastic teachers, on the 15th of October 2016. They will together now help build on the vision and mission of the school.

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