Monday, November 14, 2016

How the DBN School Teachers define 'Trust'

Teachers in search of Trust
As a part of the Learning Forward Professional Development Exercise, the educators at the DBN Schools at Jammu set out in the quest for Trust...the expression was fantastic, and we share in their very own words and art too!
They express themselves with visuals and writings and work to build a relationship of trust and confidence with all the stakeholders: Management, Parents, Students and Teachers.



What is Trust?
What is Trust? What is Trust?
My mentor asked, what is Trust?
Baby says when my mother holds me in her hand & I know she will not let me fall,                                          
that is Trust.

Tiller says,
I will harvest good crop in this year,
That is Trust.

Student says,
I shall get success in life by going to regular to school,
That is Trust.

Teacher says,
My student will succeed in every field,
That is Trust.

Parent says,
We send our toddler to school to gain knowledge,
That is Trust.

Yes, Yes, Yes, I also agree that is Trust.

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