Building Relational Trust

There are a lot of relationships in our lives, in this world like – a relationship between friends, parents, school children, classmates, workmates and even neighbours. A relationship is easy to make, but it is so hard to make that relationship stronger and lasting. A long lasting relationship is very easy to establish if we put the spirit of trust.

Here we are talking about a relationship of teachers with their students that how to build a good rapport with students by winning their confidence. Building trust is a process. In schools/colleges and even universities and other top educational institutes, it is not just; about trust between teachers and students, but between faculty and other faculty and their supporting staff of his institute too.

Improving student’s relationships with teachers have significant, active and long. It is seen that students who have close contact with their class teachers having active and supportive relationships would attain higher levels of achievement than others, students must talk to their teachers frequently without any fear, tell them their problems and receive guidance. The student is likely to trust their teacher more show their engagement in learning rather enter into conflict, show their better behaviour in the classroom, with their classmates, school staff. Positive teacher-student relationship draws students into the process of learning and good manners.
The teachers win the students trust by showing their love for them, sorting out their day to day  problems helping them in their daily school learning activities, devote their time so that students feel home like atmosphere in the school and make the best relationship with their students, as trust within a relationship encompasses much more, as relationship always based on trust. Without trust, there would be no connection we can build with the students.

Teachers who have healthy, positive relationships with their students create a healthy environment which meets students developmental emotional and academic need. Teachers who create a good relationship with their students and win the trust of the students brings success as students attended their periods in the classroom regularly, remained cooperative and show good results in the examination. Teacher must adopt good relationships with their students by showing their pleasure, interact with responsive and respectful manners, avoid showing irritability aggravation, avoid negative attitude, teacher have to make an efforts to spend time individually with each student especially who are weak in their studies, shy in nature & who remained in stress by one or the other reason. This will help to create a more positive relationship with their students, encourage students to participate in games, yoga and give them best possible health tips, give them meaningful feedback, take them in a picnic in some historical, spiritual places.

Trust them so as to create/develop the best relationship among teachers and the students in this new era.
- Anita Sharma is a teacher at DBN Amarvilla School at Jammu, her email is

Arti Sharma of DBN SNS School shares her thought, you can email her

It is a very beautiful and awesome thing in the world. Without it we do not proceed in life. To make my notion clear, I take the example of a child who feels secure in the arms of his/her mother. He knows that my mother will not fall me that is called relational trust. Here is an example of  a blood relation, to explain the idea. But I like to make it clear by giving the example of teacher & student. Students usually follow the command of his /her teacher. Toddlers always feel that my teacher is right. He imitates the teacher, not his /her parents. In class 1st of our school, student name (Pragun) follows the command of Shobha Ma'am no one else that is called relational trust. Relational trust is just like a pearl which dazzles when we care it. Otherwise, it looses its charm.
- Meenakshi Sharma is a teacher at DBN Amarvilla School at Jammu, her email is
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