Thursday, November 24, 2016

The Heart Tree - Venus Upadhayaya

VISION AND LEARNING: Have you ever observed that anger exists before the reason for that anger exists? Just like awareness or knowledge exists before the language in which we express it. Poets would understand emotion exists before the expression.
There's a great choice and an opportunity available in expression. A language's destiny depends upon how refined emotions does that society/community/civilization cultivates and how refined are its skills of language to express it. Language is very important for the synthesis of learning and skills of language are very important for creating a learning community.
Language is not just identification of sounds and skills of decoding. Language is a refined process of awareness of oneself and the world around. The world you create inside is the world you experience outside and language is a part of that experience.
While in auto to office today I was thinking of a word 'Suryakamal'. A sanskrit word, this word is a combination of two words 'Surya' that means Sun and 'Kamal' that means 'Lotus'. I was wondering how powerful this word is! When you chose this word in your expression you make a powerful choice, you undergo a powerful cognition process that's because of a powerful synthesis of two experiences of sun and lotus and their legacy. There's beautiful poetry in their combination.
The beauty of Sanskrit as a language lies in the way the language combines distant words to create new words that heighten emotion, comprehension, cognition, expression, poetry and exchange. Knowledge is the fundamental on which is built human consciousness and language is the medium that carries that. Imagine your experience of ganga without the word ganga.
Imagine the experience of your beloved without his/her name. Imagine the experience of your country without its name. Imagine the experience of truth without the word truth; it would become so difficult to contain and express our experience of truth without the word 'truth'.
Now imagine how long it would have taken the human civilisation to come to this point where each word denotes a process of refinement and each word carries a legacy of human experience and knowledge.
There lies the vision of my research and center of learning. Dear friends, let me introduce you to the Heart Tree. #thehearttree
(Heart Tree is based on my research into learning, teaching and learning/knowledge communities. This endeavour is supported by few individuals who are my friends. Heart Tree is not a legal, commercial entity currently. Welcome to the spirit of Heart Tree.)

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