Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Fear with in

Fear within Teaching

Teaching is one of the most rewarding professions to aspire to. Children are a blank slate. There is a lot of opportunities to have some fun with it too. Kids say ridiculously funny stuff and can be very open minded. Once give the chance to have someone listen. Students behaviour and performance mirror our expectation. “You can do it” and “I won’t give up on you” communicate our belief that students will succeed. 

One of the student Aryan Sharma of 6th class was a good singer and active participant in other activities but in studies he was not good. He always bunk his classes. When I got the opportunity to teach him, I have the fear that how I manage that type of students who do not have any interest in studies. I motivate him to sit in the class and listen to the teachers what he is teaching in your class. Slowly I have seen the change in Aryan. I gave him special attention in my class and help him to complete his notebooks and motivate him to learn and understand the topics.

I was very happy to see him progressing.

- Ruchi Anand is a teacher at DBN MM School at Jammu.

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