Friday, December 23, 2016

When I am teaching at my best...

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When I am  teaching at my best, I am like a learner because great teachers are heroes, in the world that has a lot to learn and do their best for the society. I as a learner I will try to be one with my students, help to increase their as well as my knowledge.

When I am teaching at my best, I am like a Gardener. I  want my students to understand the value of beauty which means the value of studies and their positive effects on their life.I know that on many plants there are thorns which are the hurdles during their studies and I will teach them the ways to overcome those hurdles without being harmed.I will teach them the importance of water, sunlight, and the care which they have to give a plant to survive similarly the respect and responsibility they have to give to their parents, elders and to their country.While teaching I completely understand that all my plants have same basic needs but still the technique of handling all my plants differ. As a gardener i will grow old but my teaching will help the nation to survive in the form of capable individuals.

When I am teaching at my best, I am like water- good and transparent.

When I am teaching at my best, I am like a role model that positively someone in life, is not a person filled  with selfishness and greed and my role model is my mother.

When I am in class, I feel like a deity . It is because deity has a pure heart. They don't have any ill will towards any person. Deity always thinks about his or her child. In the same way I want to impart ethical and intellectual things to my wards.As the deity give us strength to fight against any hurdles, in the same way i aware my students how we have to tackle the odd things.We know the student reflect his or her teacher.In our annual function one of our mention whenever i try to correct my grand son, he usually denied that and say you are wrong and my teacher is right, so it is the duty of teacher to teach their ward not only academics but other things also.

​When I am teaching at my best, I am like a Parrot keep on answering every query whether  it is meaningful  or not . Parrots are  striking  beautiful  impressive and entertaining  pets to have .  they make  wonderful  companions  their  colorful  patterns and cute  mannerisms , including  picking  things up with  their feet  and  climbing with  their  bills  endears  them  to us all. Similarly  in  classroom my  student  enjoy  with  me  when I am picking each  every  thought   from  them .

When  I am teaching at my best, l am  like an actor.Teaching is like acting, a high energy performance profession  that requires a person to act as a  role model but when teacher go through training and professional development, the performance aspect of the job is rarely emphasized or taught.

When I am teaching at my best, I am like a mirror which is clear and transparent for my students.

When I am teaching at my best, I am like a flower because flower gives us fragrance, like flower I always try to spread fragrance in the form of knowledge to my students.

When I am teaching at my best, I am like a Horse to win the goal, to teach the students as good as possible through experimental learning.

When I am teaching at  my best, I am like a Compass. I tend to think of myself as simply an instrument that helps guide my students toward the better direction of their choice. I didn't say right direction because I believe that what is right for one student isn't for another student.

When I am teaching at my best, I am like a gardener. I fit the season and my desires. I feel that in the classroom, I can allow the students to grow, knowing that some of the students well flourish quickly with little attention. Students grow and flourish in good weather, but can also grow in cold, uninviting situation, just as plants. I hope that the environment that I provide in my classroom is the type of warm, nuturing environment that will allow all the students to grow. I don't want to stunt then growth with negativism.

When I am teaching at my best, I am like a lion. Lions help where help is needed in the own communities and around the world with unmatched integrity and dedication.If you want to be a great educator, you must connect with your pupils and reach them on multiple levels, because the best teachers are committed to their students well being both inside and outside the classroom.  In the same way I help my children whenever it is needed and motivate them to do best in their life by providing my lecture enthusiastically and taking feedback from my children.
Dr. Nitasha Bali

When I am teaching at my best, I am like a farmer.
Farmer creates the condition of optimal growth. He digs the field, provide nutrients to the growing plants. In the same way, I as a teacher always try to provide necessary conditions to my students. I think if educators work together in this direction, students will grow stronger, happier and more productive.

When I am teaching at my best, I am like a "Friendly Potter" because the students are like clay and the potter gives them the shape according to his own will. So I try to impart that knowledge which is beneficial for students for the future life by which they can prosper in life. By doing this I will be able to develop the habit of asking questions. It will make teaching effective in the classroom and they will learn more easily. 

When I am teaching at my best, I am like a shadow. Shadow is always with us like that I also as a teacher with my students with their learning and developing stage. I always motivate and encourage them to do their job and become successful in every walk of life. 

When I am teaching at my best, I'm like a lake   ....which has patience, calmness, simplicity and no discrimination for the others. Bearing same qualities and the feelings I impart my knowledge to my students in the class and outside the class.

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