Sunday, February 26, 2017

Art is Life and Life is Art

                                   Art is Life and Life is Art.      
  It is said that' Art is Life' .There is close relationship between life and art.Art originates beauty in the world of man.The aim of art education is to sensitize the students so that they may learn to respond to the beauty in live color, form moment harmony,rhythm and perspective.
 Art is the medium to express the creative bent of mind.Figures  and sketch forms make us understand anything very clearly in a lucid manner.The history of  art is as ancient as the evolution of of man.The painting in the caves of early man  shows the fascination of human life,shapes and colors.Without art  life is like curry without spices  that is to say  dull and. Tasteless.It is source of joy ,it also recreates  the eyes and satisfies the soul of both the artist and the spectator.
 Art in every age has portrayed the inner thoughts, feelings of a common man. It also deports the sorrow struggle, failures and successes, God has created  every form of life, a perfection of design and creativity. Everybody is is born with talent.There is , however, a need to identify it for yourself Having an aptitude for fine arts is equivalent to have talent in other field .Regular practice and determination.Undoubtelly, brings the best out of u sooner than u can think of .   LMz Now with the help of computers u can enhance the quality of your  talent  and take art as  a bright career option .'Art is that creation of Man Which provides an ever ending joy'.          

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