Tuesday, July 11, 2017

How you can manage to solve problems

"Is Your Child Ready To Face The World?"
In this summer vacation, we got a task to read the book “Is Your Child Ready To Face The World?” by Dr Anupam Sibal. It is a book that teaches you values and to build qualities in yourself. As I read the book, it became more and more interesting and exciting. The situations and examples were given are wonderful and the language is wonderful too. To read the quotations and to understand them gives you a new experience. All the chapters give a new teaching and learning experience. A teacher must have all these values and qualities in himself or herself so that he or she can mould a child in a better way to face the challenges of the world, be a good citizen and have a bright future.

I do remember a boy named Vartik from Teresa House. An English Debate Competition was being held in the school. I had to choose two participants. He was feeling shy about taking part. As I knew he was good in English and had a loud voice, he was the right participant for me. Now it was my task to motivate him. I called him and we talked for some time.  I asked him to show me his talent. I told him, "Be confident, don’t worry about the result, give your best. Your teacher is always ready to help." Finally, he agreed to participate in the competition. There was a smile on his face and on my face too. After that, we had a small discussion on the topic of the debate. He noted down the points and prepared a speech for the next day. He rehearsed and practised it. He had problems but he managed to solve them with some help. I was glad he participated and the result was that he stood First in the debate competition.

This book really helps a teacher to build a relationship with a child with love, cheerfulness, happiness and compassion.

~ Gajendra Mewara is an Educator at The Fabindia School, his email  gma4fab@gmail.com

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