Thursday, September 21, 2017

Behavioral Problems And Few Solutions
1- Arrogant child --- The arrogant child can be treated by introducing activities related to emotional things like Taking the child to the orphanage and making him spend time with them, by giving child responsibility of discipline and to see if kids of his class are respecting teachers.

2- Hyperactive child --- To treat a hyperactive child u need to introduce physical activities for him in class as for kindergarten kids, place blocks on 4 corners and ask the child to make a tower on one corner quickly and run towards other corner and do it likewise.On the first day of the child, make children have an orientation of the class by moving and guiding them along.

3- Shy child --- To treat a shy child,u need to develop confidence in a child by making him read in the class few sentences and encouraging them by clapping will boost their confidence and then gradually ask the child to speak on the topic in class and request the parent to make kid stand on a stoop or table as a stage and make them speak on any topic and appreciate.

4-Stealing --- To treat a child who does stealing, we must make him responsible for few things of the class and followed up regularly by the teacher and gradually increase the responsibility to inculcate in him the responsibility and honesty in him.

5- Kids who disrespect --- To treat kids who disrespect the treatment is to make that child the teacher of few lower class kids an activity that u can do once a week and in this way, he will learn what he must do to respect elders and teachers by instructing younger kids to behave.

6- Teenaged kids --- Teenaged kids emotional swings can be treated by making them follow a hobby of either reading inspirational stories for listening to inspirational speeches by great scientist and scholars, do not handle the child in an aggressive manner in his Teenaged age bcoz here u need to be mature, sensible and polite to build in the child confidence that u are with him.

~ Ms Tazeen Siddiqui is Managing Director, Mansha Educational society. Her email address is

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