Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Mental Hygiene

When the child enters this world and goes in the arms of their dear ones, the thought to feel secure and guarded enters in their infant mind and they start connecting and feeling comfortable in the arms that give them immense love, care and affection, and when the child enters the phase of 3-5 years their thoughts, heart and eyes starts to explore the world to feel ,touch and understand what the world make them experience in terms of their experiences with things around them, when someone is hurt or in pain the child understands to sympathies a person and help them to be happy and this quality in the child is inculcated by the actions of the elderly people at that particular situation that the child experienced and learned by watching you.
If a child watches their elders abusing anyone or disrespecting anyone, he may not react at the very moment but its placed in the subconscious mind and it comes in action when the same situation the child experiences he copy paste the same actions as he feels that was the right way to deal as my elders had dealt it at the same situation before.
Action are very minutely observed by kids mind and heart .To inculcate empathy in kids it’s important to act to sensitivity to mankind and all lives existing by the elders to help a child build in the personality to be sensitive to every humankind and to feel the pain and an understanding to act by helping them to reduce it.
I want to share an experience of a counselling session where a child wanted to commit suicide at the tender age of 10 years because the religious priests had inculcated in the Childs mind that since he is a child his sins will be forgiven but ones he grow up his sins will be punished upon by the god so the child decided out of this great fear not to grow to the age to be tortured with the punishment and conveyed his will to end his life to his mother. On hearing the whole case I talked to the child and started counselling him in connecting him to the god in a positive way that god loves everyone and shall shower blessings on you if you be a great person and I conveyed him its very easy, just be kind to everyone and love them , once he connected with god in the positivity of loving his fear immediately reduced and the child instead of being fearful to god started loving god so its very important how we convey things to the child the half glass empty or the half glass full shapes the thought process of a child so “LIVE TO LOVE AND LOVE TO LIVE”

School plays a significant role in shaping personality of the child ,the most important aspect of personality of the child are communication skills, logical thought process, empathy ,interpersonal skills , counseling skills , decision making skills and behavioral reaction skills

~ Ms. Tazeen Siddiqui is Managing Director, Mansha Educational society. Her email address is  fortazeen@gmail.com  

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  1. Agree with your thoughts ,further more i advice u next time u may councel tbat child saying that almighty is also forgiving n love to forgive always shwer his blessing upon innocent kids.


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