Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Let's take tiny tots to the journey of "Robofunzone" to play, learn, create and explore intelligence. The Robofunzone consist of the following fun pockets of learning.
Pre primary Robotic lab
1- Transport assembling, toys assembling
2- Puzzle pattern plants, animals, birds etc
3- Structuring Model parts of body
4- Assembling and rearranging pattern
5- 10 table grid for fun learning
6- Creative corner
7- Psycho verbal enhancement pattern
8- Identification and learning Musical sounds and its sound intensity

Pre-primary kids have the eyes of curiosity to feel touch create and play. This "Robofunzone" help kids in learning through these fun pocket zones which ignite the Thought of innovation and satisfaction of creating a new thing and confidence of building it again. The idea in the mind of tiny tots spread multidimensional as everything to their eyes are wonders of the world. When they touch a boat and slowly place it in water and  see it moving away from them their eyes twinkle with happiness and amazement because every scene that they witness from making the boat of paper to watching it gradually sailing in water ignite million of questions starting from why is the water blue to how it's moving, so to satisfy every curiosity of a child we need to give them freedom to create, learn, play and understand every aspect from formation to action to understanding.

.......Ignite Thoughts to create learning....

~ Ms Tazeen Siddiqui is Managing Director, Mansha Educational society. Her email address is  fortazeen@gmail.com

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