Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Qualified Teachers Are not Always Quality Teachers

Without qualification a person cannot become a teachers, quality comes next in the sequence.
Quality will come in teaching if – 
Teacher is able to reduce the communication losses between teaching and learning.
He/She is able to reach the last student and make him/her understand the topic.
He/She is able to inculcate other qualities – moral values, soft skills etc. along with the academics so that an overall development of students takes place.
He/She is able to teach and explain at the level of student with their mood.
A qualified teacher may not be quality teachers and vice versa.
A qualified teacher,  become a quality teacher and then alone becomes an Educator. 
Our learning from “Can You Teach A Zebra some Algebra” by Debashis Chatterjee.
- Ajay Vijayvargi, Kusum Dangi, Tarun Mishra & Usman Gani.
 The Fabindia School.

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