Friday, February 16, 2018


Know a day's teachers have many educational and professional degrees. But when we go to the classroom we teach children only by using their textbooks. We in our everyday life learn a lot of things by using the internet, reading extra books and from our colleague so in the classroom, we should use that extra knowledge along with the textbooks.

We can take help from the internet to make our teaching very effective and interesting. Everything we know should be shared with the students and we should try to upgrade and refine our knowledge because if knowledge is held back then it decreases, we will not be able to hold our knowledge for a long time! So, by adding knowledge with the material of the textbook will help students in learning and upgrade teaching-learning also.

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Our learning from Can You Teach a Zebra Some Algebra? by Debashis Chatterjee
Ishu Chouhan, Kusum Sharma, Rajeshwari Rathore and Urmila Rathore - The Fabindia School

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