Sunday, May 20, 2018


Awarded to Sandeep Dutt, for Excellence in Sustainable Practices in the field of Education.
"We believe that Education is the right tool to shape the world that we all envision for our future generations, and our entire education fraternity plays a very critical and important role in shaping our communities & nation.
Thus, we started The International Education Awards to acknowledge the importance of entire education fraternity and to bring their efforts and contribution in the forefront.
We believe that our real-life heroes not only shape human beings but also shape the fate of the nation and hence their efforts should be acknowledged & celebrated.
International Education Awards is a day to celebrate the efforts & achievements of numerous educators, institutions and corporates, and recognising their contribution towards shaping the societies. IEA is a red carpet global awards festival that happens once a year and every year in a different country and allows the entire education fraternity to be a part of this mesmerising evening in three categories Individual, Institution & Corporate."

- Introduction to the IEA Awards 2018, held at New Delhi on the 19th of May 2018

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