Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Amazing, Enriching And Inspiring Experience

It's an amazing, enriching and inspiring experience, reading the book, ' Is your child ready to face the world' by Prof Anupam Sibal. The book explains, in very clear and easy way, the art of parenting through fascinating stories of the fantastic people. Most of the time when we want to teach or instil a value or quality in our children, we use the teaching method of lecturing or showing examples from our surroundings or comparing them with others. But the book gives us an insight of teaching values by the inspiring stories of the people who lived these values as well as by practising and demonstrating them in our own lives.

Jim Hasen truly said " Our children don't remember what we try to teach them. They remember what we are." So whenever we want to inculcate humility, honesty, forgiveness, courage, determination and gratitude in our children, we must first practice them in our lives. Children are the best observer and the main source of their learning is their observation at home and of their surroundings. Unknowingly, with our behaviour with others, our attitude and approach towards life and with our way of living, we are actually programming the brains of our children and accumulating the raw data, from where his / her thought process will function for his whole life.

The book provides ways of nurturing mind with the values and virtues of a successful and happy life.
Manish Rajpal
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