Friday, June 8, 2018

Dr Gargi Singh: Is Your Child Ready To Face The World?

My thoughts on reading the book by Dr Anupam Sibal.

Child...Ready...and world...these three words connected extremely well throughout the book. The connection with children in a childlike manner and not following the same theory always to connect is something very interesting. Dr Sibal has been able to listen to the voices of the children and talk on their  behalf to the community of adults who are around the child with a tag of a relationship.

I connected the most with Reassurance, Confidence in their abilities, compassionate in  circumstances... as in the rat race of achievements we are taking our children away from these key values and virtues. The importance of instilling these virtues has been simply woven through discussions and taking every single moment as an opportunity to discuss and discover these virtues.

Throughout the book the respect given to every individual whether he or she is a renowned personality or a child who visited the clinic is remarkable. We all keep on talking about children in some or the other context, but this book challenges me for many of my thought processes and at the same time as every chapter proceeded I was more thoughtful as a parent at home and in school.

My biggest experience after reading the book is the happiness and confidence gained on things can be changed and excuses are the last option that parents can opt for. So advance with your kids and walk with them through the technology world and take every experience to connect the most beautiful virtues that makes one a good human being.

Dr Gargi  Singh
Honest Icons
Dr Gargi is the Vice Principal at The Iconic School in Bhopal, she has been a part of the founding team.

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