Thursday, June 7, 2018

Isha Tiwari: Is your child ready to face the world?

“Helping your child grow up into a good human being must count among the greatest joys in this world”, yes its utter true and this book, ‘Is your child ready to face the world by Dr Anupam Sibal stands out to be one of the greatest books.

In the introduction of this book it’s written that when it comes to being a parent, it really doesn’t matter whether you are the CEO or an IAS, for your child you are just a parent. I personally love the example of Barack Obama quoted in this book.

Being a parent, several questions haunt my head and in this evolutionary world, it’s very challenging to cope up with the needs of everyone. Today, it has become quite difficult to communicate with your child and we must practice the skills ourselves first what we wish to see in our children. We ourselves should nurture our minds first in order to bring about a change in our child. Let your kids fly high and in that flight of your children, you be their ultimate mentor. Let them dream, and be their anchor in turning those dreams into reality.

Your child should not feel targeted at any point and even if he/she feels so, parents comfort and positive role should help him/her cross oceans.

Dr Sibal with his insight and vision is surely helping everyone who faces issues in parenting and giving them a new look.

Isha Tiwari
Understanding Icons
The Iconic School
Bhopal, India

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