Thursday, June 7, 2018

Ritika Anand: Is your child ready to face the world?

Dr Anupam Sibal has beautifully crafted this book that is going to help parents in the long run.

I personally enjoyed reading it because of the wonderful examples that blow your mind away. In this fast-moving world, it becomes quite difficult to keep up with the needs of your child. The responsibility of parenting is challenging but if done with grace it can be beautifully carried out.

Several questions arise in the minds of parents and this book has an answer for everything single question.

Since I am a visual arts teacher and a Ceramist a child is exactly like a pot, in whatever way we will shape him or her, it will take its shape. It's all a game of patience. Even if you are a president you should always give an ample amount of time to your child and talk things out.

The future belongs to third who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Let them dream as much as they can and even if they fall be there to motivate them and help them to stand up.

Childhood is most graceful part do not disturb you child innocence and grace by your judgments and busy schedule.

If our children see us forgiving who have wrong us, so will they... children are very pure never let that purity fade away because of our misconceptions. Always be a learner

Ritika Anand
Caring Icons
The Iconic School
Bhopal, India

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