Thursday, June 7, 2018

Shivani Kanoongo: Is Your Child Ready To Face The World?

This inspiring book by Dr Anupam Sibal should be every parent's go-to in this world of advancement and technology. The children these days have become so sensitive that it has become a difficult task for people to be good parents. They hide behind the latest technology which makes conversing with them very difficult. A regular conversation between any two people is very important for a healthy relationship and a relationship as sensitive as that of a parent and his/her child is the most important one.

Dr Anupam Sibal with his hard work and with his great parent instinct has tried helping other parents who face issues with their children to see a new outlook to pursue them.

Being a mother myself I understand how important it is for your child to learn good values which is beautifully portrayed in this book and for this you have to become your child's friend. Your children should not feel targeted at any point in their life when you help them in growing. Dr Anupam Sibal has taken his own son to provide all of us with an example of his ideas, where he also became a part of his son Devaang's world of technology, which helped them to connect better.

It's always a two-way effort. In a relationship, people have to meet midway and the same has to be done with your children. Help your children to achieve their goals in their way while guiding them in choosing the correct path and following it with ease.

In the end, I would like to say that this book should be read by every parent and even young adults to become a part of their children's lives and understanding them better and building a very healthy relationship with them.

Shivani Kanoongo
Responsible Icons
The Iconic School, Bhopal

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