Sunday, August 19, 2018

Bharti Rao: Where Creativity Rules Inventions are Child’s Plays

The Gaudium's 50 Tales of Discovery is an outstanding book. 

Every tale tells us about new discoveries, gives us a new learning environment, positive approach and help us to experience the discoveries mentioned in the tales. These tales create and nurture an environment of curiosity and this helps us to encourage people to work hard and gives their best. Change is inevitable but we can only get opportunities when we initiate to change. This change leads to discoveries.

From all the tales that I liked the most is ‘Where Creativity Rules Inventions are Child’s Plays’. In the tale, it is mentioned how creativity helps to discover and invent new things. Every child is creative and innovative. It is the duty of the Educators to create an environment to encourage the students to give their best by using their imagination and creativity. I quote the words of Nnamdi Azikiwe that “Creativity is the soul of a true scholar.”

Imagination helps us to think the impossible and unreal. Creativity creates new ideas to fulfil and implement their imagination. Creativity leads to innovative ideas which lead to discoveries. Creativity helps us to explore and then it helps us to set up ideas. We can help the students to create and invent by starting with waste materials. Creativity motivates the students to implement their ideas and this makes their life more interesting and fun. Students need to be motivated by the educators that they should not lose hope on their failures, for failures help you to be innovative. After reading these tales it will help me to groom my students and make my teaching more innovative and interesting.

I end by quoting the words of Damian Woetzel “In schools giving students a full education, not to create great artists but about the right to have full expression and imagination and creativity, along with an acknowledgement that everybody learns differently. You try and you fail and you try again. All those skills are useful in the workplace, too.”

Bharti Rao, Vice Principal, The Fabindia School, Bali

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