Wednesday, August 29, 2018


50 tales of discovery book is a lovely book, reminding us so clearly about the excitements and wonders of the discovery of various things like Matchsticks, ATM, Ice-Cream cone, Basketball, Velcro, Bubblegum, Grass-Cutting machine, Band-Aid and many more things. The best part of that book is that chapters are very short and written in very easy language so any one can enjoy reading. It is true that learning needs a comfortable and positive environment from time to time. It helps a person’s environment welcoming to learn, make mistakes and accomplishes new things.

This book has increased my knowledge about all these discoveries and it is rightly said that nurture plays a bigger role than nature. Upbringing and environment recreate a larger role in making people more innovative, but passion, dedication and hard work for starters play an important role.

Among all these stories which I like the most is “The buck always stops where ideas rule.” Here some discoveries are done due to the demand of time and situations. In this story, the situation where an inventor was standing in a queue and waiting for his turn felt very ridiculous. So, Donald Wetzel did many pieces of research to overcome this problem and finally, he patented the ATM. He persuaded Decotel to install a machine in the chemical bank in New York. This idea was adopted by many people and there were so many ATMs set up in the United States.

Educator: Kusum Sharma, The Fabindia School, Bali

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