Saturday, September 22, 2018

Curious Icons: Patience

Be patient, some things take time
Despite having many responsibilities back at home, there was some enlightenment that made Prerna join the school as an educator. Prerna was puzzled as well as happy about her joining. She was in a dilemma as there was a societal pressure as well as her comfort zone. The time Prerna joined the school, she was given the responsibility of teaching the students whom she never experienced... She was the Mother teacher of Grade1. It was a new challenge together with the one which she was facing already.
What is Grade1? A bud blooming into a flower. A newly born butterfly ready to spread its wing to fly. So they needed someone to caress them, embrace them and hold their hands to open up.
It was Prerna’s first day in the class wherein she gets to meet and interact with the tiny tots. It was a mixed feeling for Prerna as she was meeting them for the first time and she was going to be with them to teach them that “The future of the world lies in her classroom today.”  For all such time, she was trying to figure out the way how to carry the love towards the children which she has within. Days and months passed by, both Prerna and tiny tots were gelling up with each other and there was a special bond developed between them. While everything was in place Prerna attention was drawn towards a Joy who was not able to speak his heart out. His pace was quite slower than the other kids and this was the thing that was holding him back. Prerna thought of spending more time with him.
Eventually, Prerna was able to establish a good rapport with him. Prerna gave him a push that he needed. Prerna gave him the warmth that he needed and they both started working together towards achieving Happiness and Courage for Joy. Of course, it took time and a lot of patience on the part of both Prerna and Joy but both of them did not give up and kept working on it.
And there they are..... Joy is now able to read, speak, open up and connect with everyone.
“The hardest test in life is having the patience to wait for the right moment.”
- Curious Icons, Roselien, Heena, Mradula, Azad and Naveen at
The Iconic School, Bhopal

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