Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Sandeep Dutt: Schools Can Change

Karl Clauset and Sandeep Dutt collaborate for Schools Can Change in India.

In our quest for My Good School for over three decades, we have always tried to address the dilemma ‘what makes a good school’. This has given us deep insights into the schools and today we are most delighted to share that schools can change, the only way to do so is by strengthening the school culture.

Schools Can Change: A Step-by-step Change Creation System for Building Innovative Schools and Increasing Student Learning
Dale W. Lick, Karl H. Clauset, Carlene U. Murphy
Corwin, 2013 | Pages - 225
Free online resources with the book.
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Genuine effective school improvement requires leaders and teachers to be part of a broad-based, creative change system that focuses on generating improved teacher practices for enhancing student learning. This guide provides a step-by-step, systemic approach to the change creation process.

How can we really create lasting change? By applying the Change Creation system! Learning community pioneers Dale Lick, Karl Clauset, and Carlene Murphy lead teachers, principals, and schools in this dynamic approach to school improvement. With a free, comprehensive online collection of practical resources, this book shows you how to: Develop the right vision, relationships, and culture to create and sustain change Model learning-inquiry cycles for action teams for success Build loyalty, trust, and responsibility within your teams and across the school.

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