Monday, December 31, 2018

Dr Tazeen Siddiqui: Emotions beneath the wall of mind...

To attain the real truth, love or god one doesn't have to go on mountains or get excluded from the world, to attain the real spiritual strength one just need to read his or her own heart and hear it with calmness and we find everything that we would want to attain in life.

We start to feel the emotions of care, love, hatred, worry and happiness, few bring it across expressing through words, actions, paper and decisions while some close them in a book of heart and never read them again with the fear what if ...

What if I show my appreciation towards someone what will he or she think or feel ...

What if I show I am sad the people will think I m weak and what if I speak my heart ...

People may get uncomfortable, some may be angry some may condemn it and some may break the relationship but one thing is sure that speaking heart might end up in multiple emotions in People's mind but speaking it out will give you calmness of life and heart.

Expressing oneself is extremely important to lead a stress-free and calm life as all the complex emotions that one deal in mind once gets channelised into words must not be closed in books of heart but to be expressed in a great way.

You might like someone's Thoughts, dress, looks, eyes, books etc but you never express because of the Thoughts that what others would think of you which is an # Image crisis #.

To live life with heart and soul start speaking your heart right now and deal with every emotion by expressing it out in the right way.

Whether it's a child or an adult everyone gets conscious of speaking about their emotions that end up in anxiety, stress and irritation in children and adults.

A great leader is one who expresses the appreciation, love, care for everyone. A great leader is one who appreciates in public but conveys weaknesses in the ear of that person where no one can hear anything wrong about that person and that builds up strong trust ,great relationship and great leaders  are not conscious about other people thought process but are confident of their own words of heart that it would guide to the right destination of building strong relationships.

The question what will you be remembered for? is a question to be answered in this life and be remembered for the love, care, honour and knowledge you shared with everyone.

#one's heart is the purest form of Thought#
Dr Tazeen Siddiqui,

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