Wednesday, January 2, 2019

David Geurin: Future Driven Newsletter

Dear Educator
Happy New Year! We literally get this new beginning just once a year. I want to take the opportunity to cheer you on to the best 2019 ever. Wishing you great health and happiness!
Here are five hopeful thoughts for the New Year:
1. Even if the first half of your school year didn't go as well as you'd like, things can get better.
2. Even if you can't change all the circumstances, you can change how you respond to the circumstances.
3. It's never too late to make a change. Your past does not equal your future.
4. Instead of trying to do more this year, simply be more intentional with what you do.
5. Keep giving generously to others. Your efforts are making a difference.
I know you're the type of educator who really cares about helping your students succeed. Your commitment to raising hope and shaping futures inspires. Press on in 2019!
Here are a few of the best articles I've read recently...
How different is your life, right now, from where you were 12 months ago?
If it’s quite similar, then you haven’t been learning very much. To learn, by nature, is to change and evolve.
The world is changing so fast, even schools who are trying to keep up are falling behind. What is your school teaching? Are you perfecting the past? Or helping create the future?
I shared this post from Jennifer Hogan with our entire staff. It's great inspiration for creating a classroom that is designed with learning in mind. It's time to move past desks in rows. Keep pushing those limits!
You'll are world changers.
All the best,
David Geurin

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