Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Dr Tazeen Sidiqqi: My mind is the stem of a tree and soul is the root

When the root is nurtured with love care and faith on thoughts of determination, passion, perseverance, and confidence that gives strength to my mind to nourish the fruits, flowers and leaves to blossom with beauty. Fruits are my decisions, flowers are my thoughts and leaves are my approach towards circumstances.

Root gives strength to my voice of justice, it gives me the power to lead my thoughts and it benefits all with the strength of its nurturing.

My learning tree guides me the lesson to spread love, knowledge and passion and enlighten the thoughts to rise together with excellence.

When the wind is harsh and my learning tree is blown back and forth my roots remind me it's just a temporary hold on to it with great strength of hope.

When there is rain and water drench my learning tree I inherit its qualities of softness, joy and sensitivity.

When there is happiness all around my learning tree, it learns to smile with every moment it witnesses with the strength of great deeds.

Dr. Tazeen Jamal Siddiqui, MD, Mansha Vision India

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