Sunday, February 24, 2019

Prerna Rathod: Do Schools Kill Creativity?

Today the world is full of competition and each one wants to be the winner and the best. So is the case with schools. Each school wants to be the best and for this, they are pressurizing the student to get 100% result in academics. This is achieved by forcing students to do rote learning. Whether a student has understood or not, or he is interested or not in learning the topics.

Education is not a system of learning facts and then giving a test so that you get a good result. In fact, it must be a system where with learning facts students become perfect in skills in which they have an interest or are good at it.

Sometimes, a student may not score well in academics. This doesn’t mean he stands nowhere in the world or he will not be able to earn a living. There are many vocational subjects which help us to earn our living in the same way as a person with a degree in academics. The only difference is students with some specific skills go for vocational subjects and they do well there as they have a subject of their interest.

Schools are becoming like factories which produce well in the form of students who do not know how to use their mind as they have always followed instructions of their teachers what to do, how to do and what to learn. The students never got chosen to do what they wanted to do or never got a chance to clear their doubts by asking questions. The creativity in them was never explored. Their mind was never given a chance to think out of the box.

If a student uses his own imagination, then maybe he is capable of making new inventions. There are many examples where people like Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Sachin Tendulkar and many more who did not complete their studies but they excelled in their own field of skills.

Schools are killing creativity of students. A perfect school is the one which excels its students not only in academics but also develops skills in students. So when he faces the world he becomes an all-rounder.
EDUCATOR – Prerna Rathod   

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