Monday, April 29, 2019

Problem Statement - Mahendra Shukla

The job at hand
I have been given a responsibility of revival of an institute. The institute is 35 years old established in 1985 running two departments (Hotel Management & Business Management) with courses only at Graduation and Post Graduation level. The institute has approval from AICTE since inception.

The challenges
The institution is facing problems from the last 8-9 years and is having a financial liability. Because of which the whole system has crumbled down. As a result, a number of students are very low and the employees’ retention rate is very low. In such a scenario, I am trying to solve this problem with a mix of startup and corporate style based on my 7 years of working experience.

Join me
If someone has solved a similar case, your experience can be of great help to me in solving my problem. For more details, you can contact me at 8210212703,

Prof Mahendra Shukla
Graduated from IIT Kharagpur in 2012 and working on this project from the last 2 years in the position of Deputy Director.

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