Brewing Knowledge Club

An online forum established by Book Cafe delivers an experience of the joy of reading with family, friends and colleagues. 

Reading Program on Zoom
The Members meet for 60 minutes on the last Sunday of the month. ZOOM will work as our studio. Members meet to read and reflect. 

Outcome and Certification
The Members are recognised for their effort with a Certificate Of Appreciation.

We are reading...
My Good School Where Passion Meets Education
Price Rs 295.00 Published The English Book Depot ( offers author signed copies and free delivery in India.
Special Offer:

A guide for you to look beyond that high-rise building and those perfectly manicured lawns—to go deeper in your search for your good school. It will encourage you to observe, question, evaluate, and choose a school that will truly prepare your child for a life beyond the campus, a life beyond theory, a life beyond algebra.

This book will help educators, school administrators, and management
build and rebuild such institutions and change the future of learning.
This book is for parents to select the school for their child, as the choice can have a lifelong impact on the growth and personality of the child.
Enriched with the knowledge, experience and, most importantly, the wisdom of The Doon School alumnus and school improvement coach Sandeep Dutt, this book will encourage conversations around our education system and help shape the future of education in the world.
• The author, Sandeep Dutt, is an alumnus of The Doon School, and he has decades-long experience working with schools to improve their outlook in qualitative terms.
• With the New Education Policy coming in, education has become a focus area.
This book caters to a broad audience—from parents to teachers to school management.

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