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Classroom Observation Platform

Learning Forward India Foundation partners with Edthena to offer you Video tools designed to enhance professional development for teachers through classroom observation and online collaboration.

* Edthena is the award-winning classroom observation platform for using teaching videos as part of professional development. Teachers upload classroom videos to share with colleagues who leave timestamped comments. Edthena also offers specialized collaboration tools to help organizations implement best practices for video-based professional learning.

VIDEO-POWERED PROFESSIONAL LEARNING STRATEGIES Strategy 1 Classroom Tour Strategy; 2 Self-Interview Strategy; 3 Example Analysis Strategy; 4 Pre-Teach Strategy; 5 Video Observation Self-Reflection Partner-Supported Reflection; Strategy 6 Skill Building Sequence Strategy; 7 Video Learning Community Strategy; 8 Virtual Walk-Through Strategy; 9 Video Rounds Strategy; 10 Longer-Range Reflection Strategy; 11 Iterative Investigation Strategy; 12 Online Lesson Study.

”Video can dramatically accelerate professional learning in schools. A primary reason is that video helps educators get a clear picture of reality, which should be an important point of departure for any learning–to move forward, we need to know where we are”. JIM KNIGHT, University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning.

”Educators will appreciate that the authors tackle the issue of trust-building while at the same time providing best practice and practical examples that promote successful implementation. An important tool that belongs in every school’s professional library.” STEPHANIE HIRSH, Executive Director at Learning Forward
Opportunities when observing via video vs on-site 
Video-based observation of teachingOn-site, live observation of teaching
The teaching can be reviewed again and again and by multiple viewers to challenge initial biases or perceptions.
The moment is frozen.
No opportunity to review the teaching to challenge initial biases or perceptions. The moment has passed.
Classroom talk can be transcribed and examined.
The observer gets the details.
Classroom talk is difficult to capture and examine.
The observer gets the gist.
The raw footage of the lesson provides a view of student learning.
Student learning is directly visible.
Observer notes provide a proxy view on visible student learning.
The observer interprets and records indicators of student learning.
The camera can capture everything in its view.
The information recorded does not depend on the observer.
Observer focuses on one or two areas and records details, meaning loss of attention in other areas.
The information recorded is limited.
*Edthena services are Licensed to schools/users.
Learning by Doing

An interactive eLearning product that teaches Maths and Science through exciting games, 3D simulations and immersive experiments!

MarkSharks’ versatility makes it useful for educators in a variety of settings. Whether you are a teacher that would like a supplementary tool to your teaching in the classroom or a tutor supporting students after school, we can help you find ways to easily integrate EdTech into your educational setting.

Educational studies have shown that a hands-on, interactive approach to learning can significantly improve student performance in school by up to 20%! When students actively experience concepts for themselves, they are more likely to gain a sound foundation known as experiential learning. Experiential learning boosts brain activity, helping students grasp concepts better and develop improved memory retention. MarkSharks is an eLearning tool with a fresh outlook, turning your mobile device or tablet into a virtual lab where you can question, explore, and understand mathematical and scientific concepts using real-world examples.

We have designed a challenging and varied learning environment with an element of fun using games, 3D simulations, puzzles, questions, and experiments, without losing sight of your primary academic goals – sharpening your skills and improving your marks!


Performance Management

Talentel is a Digital 'Talent Intelligence' Platform for Faculty & Students of Educational Institutes to Perform Better through Effective - Performance Management, Learning & Development and Rewards & Recognition.

The Platform is designed for its ease of adoption and use, powered by relevant Frameworks & Predictive Algorithms.
Learning Assessment Management Platform

A cloud-based tool, the edtree platform is both easy to use as it is effortless to customise. You can choose to use as little or the full-blown platform as you mature in your adoption cycle.
edtree strongly believes in the freedom of teaching and the role teachers play in mentoring young minds. We enable and don’t impose. Our technology does not create chains around you but opens up new vistas in learning and helps create new role models.

We help you with the License and provide training with the help of experienced Coaches. 

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