World Ready

Professional Learning Program (PLP)
Dr Anupam Sibal highlights the role of values in education and how the life skills program prepares educators and young people for the world.

The World Ready PLP explores the Values that help everyone prepare for life. This program inspires you by using examples of where values are already being used by children and adults in real life and shares practical tools to stimulate discussion and philosophical debate. #WorldReady

You will need to buy a copy of the book "Is Your Child Ready To Face The World?
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18 Modules
1. Humility; 2. Beating The Odds; 3. It's Never Too Late; 4. Courage; 5. Handling Pressure; 6. Making Mistakes Accepting Flaws; 7. Be A Dreamer; 8. Finding Your Calling; 9. Compassion; 10. Making Others Happy; 11, Never Give Up Hope; 12. Determination; 13. Giving; 14. Be The Change; 15. Gratitude; 16. Goals; 17. Honesty; and 18. Forgiveness.

LFIN Academy
The Academy is a great way to experience blended learning. The 90-minute sessions are followed by group work and assignments; teachers will pick up skills and be future-ready; excellent team building at the school level ensures every individual's personal and social development. www.LearningForward.IN

Outcome and Certification: The educators are recognised for their effort with a Certificate Of Appreciation. The PLP is challenging and rewards educators for their actions.

Course Fees are Rupees 1100.00 per month for individuals; and Rs 25000.00 per month for schools. The ideal size for one cohort is 25 members. The program is customised to meet your needs, pace, and resources.

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