The YES Workshop

Youth Engaging Society (YES)
Service | Skill | Sport | Study
It is all about finding the leader within, you will be able to discover your hidden self, and then can even volunteer and help run workshops in your community. Open to all, the mentors, students, teachers, parents and volunteers of any age or size. This one day workshop is conducted on campus/location provided by the school/ college. The Workshop will help connect, communicate, collabrate and create!

1. The ideal number of participants for the workshops is 25.
2. The cost of The YES Workshop is Rs. 25,000.00 plus GST.
2. Cost of travel and stay for the trainers will be borne by the invitee.

Contact Address:
Sandeep Dutt
Founder & Mentor
EBD Educational Private Ltd.
Phone: +91 98111 33900

The workshop was good. Very interesting. We learnt quite a lot. We learnt that each of us are 10/10 yet we may have different likings, ways of thinking and passions. We learnt to work with a team, make something creative and new. The workshop was FUN!!
Thank you. J
-         Sreoshi Mukherjee

I’ve attended a lot of leadership summits and this is the only one where the Trainer was intellectually able to connect to the audience. To make the process finer, kindly see if certain written material/ handouts can be provided for the person to refer to them in future and retain the ideas for a longer period.
-         Raghav Mendiratta

This is a great initiative. The workshop was good and it helped me significantly in balancing my studies, sports, skills and services. These workshops should be held more often.
-         Abhishek Jayaram

It was a good experience with “Youth Engaging Society (YES).”
-         Yashish Sharma

Just ‘60’ days of YES, what a success! I’m sure this ‘Brand’ is going to go a long way. Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. Full of FUN and excitement.
-         Tanya Roy

I think I am going to really sit back and think once in a while really if I could find myself. This workshop has inspired me to a great extent though in the starting this really didn’t interest me, but towards the end it leaves strong mark and question in my life.
- Rubani Seth

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