Well-Being Program

My Guide Inside Comprehensive Curriculum

My Guide Inside (MGI) is designed to bring out the best in all students. A senior completing My Guide Inside classes wisely said... 

“Mental wellness needs to be part of every school district’s policies because if students are in a place where they do not feel they are capable of learning and don’t have that emotional capacity to learn, school is not going to be successful.” 

This curriculum is therefore carefully aligned with educational learning objectives and competency requirements. This is done within the context of sound education and resilience research. 

The following universal objectives are globally applicable. 

My Guide Inside... 

1. Enhances student Personal Well-being with an age-appropriate understanding of underlying principles. 

2. Simultaneously develops competencies in Communication, Thinking, Personal and Social Responsibility, and more. 

The MGI curriculum includes primary, intermediate and secondary Learner Books, each with a Teacher’s Manual. The curriculum comprises supplemental online resources for students and educators. Teacher’s Manuals clearly encourage educators and present chapter learning goals, lesson plans, and suggestions for flexibly using activities, glossaries and more. Key research summaries are user-friendly and helpful print, audio, visual and online resources are identified. Assessment tools are included. 

My Guide Inside is cost-effective and may be used as a stand-alone curriculum or infused in various existing graded academic classes. MGI may also be effectively used with individual students or support groups. Stories, discussions and various written and creative learning activities increase students’ competency in Language Arts, Health Education, Career Education and other subject areas regardless of where you are in the world. 

Extensive classroom pilots shaped curriculum development. The principles discussed in My Guide Inside operate in all people, including students of every age. “The principles are already there, ready to be tapped into,” as one student put it. 

Looking forward to collaborating with you! 

Christa Campsall


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